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Rabbi Bruce Alpert

With his ordination from the Academy for Jewish Religion in New York, Bruce Alpert formally began his rabbinate at Beth Israel Synagogue.

Having been involved in manufacturing and sales here in Wallingford for more than twenty years prior to rabbinical school, Rabbi Alpert understands that for Judaism to be flourishing and vibrant, it has to speak to people's lives - not only in times of joy or sorrow, but every day. Yet Judaism is not like a consumer product. To engage in it is to engage in the project of making one's life a holy undertaking. For this intimate synagogue community, Rabbi Alpert seeks the close relationships with congregants that can foster the personal explorations of what holiness means in our lives individually, and as a community.

While honoring the individual needs and gifts each member brings to Beth Israel, certain things are shared by all: the need to grow in both knowledge and understanding; the need to celebrate the seasons and the passages of life as a community; the need to direct our hopes and dreams to a source beyond ourselves. Rabbi Alpert looks forward to finding both new and old ways to meet all these needs as this synagogue continues to grow in size and vibrancy.

Judaism is a precious gift bequeathed to us by our ancestors. It can sustain and ennoble our lives and those of our children - if we take that small first step necessary to engage it and pass it on. Rabbi Alpert is excited for the challenge of engaging every member of Beth Israel’s wonderful community.


Read Rabbi Alpert's
Rosh Hashanah sermons (PDF).

Rabbi's comments about
Torah Study:

On Saturdays, we will work our way through the Torah - story by story, chapter by chapter. We will learn in the way we all learn best - by asking questions of one another, by sharing both our insights and our frustrations. We will teach Torah to each other and we each, in the process, will become richer not only in our knowledge but in our connections to our community and to each other.

Coming to Torah study this Saturday requires no prior knowledge on your part (though reading the Torah portion below is certainly recommended) nor does it constitute a commitment to continue. But NOT coming is a commitment - it is a commitment to prolong one's distance from that which makes being a Jew such a positive, life-affirming choice.

Please come on Saturday at
9:30 a.m. We need you there. We need new learners with new questions and new insights. And I think you will find the rewards of study to be not a sacrifice of your time, but an enrichment of your soul.

Plus there are bagels and lox. And cookies.
Our Friendly and Dedicated Board
  • President: Dick Caplan
  • Treasurer: Stephanie Magee
  • Financial Secretary: Tammy Kahn
  • Membership & Yartzeit: Lisa MacDougald
  • Religious Activities: Sue Burt & Phyllis Gordon
  • Publicity: David Stein
  • House: David Cella
  • Cemetery: Bob Gross
  • Education: Alida Cella
  • At-Large: Barbara Gross, Shirley Glasner, 
    Henni Stoltzman, Marv Garber

    To contact any of our board members, please call (203) 949-8656 or email us.
Cantorial Soloist Nancy Huber
Nancy first became Cantorial soloist (Cantor) for Beth Israel approximately 20 years ago when the Rabbi heard her singing during service and asked if she would help lead future Friday evening services. Soon after, she was introduced to Cantor Ken Cohen of Temple Shalom in Greenwich Connecticut.

Thus began Nancy's weekly trips to Greenwich for High
Holiday training. Nancy has continued to help lead Friday evening and High Holiday services since that time.

She has also cantored for all Beth Israel Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies as well as several Bar and Bat Mitzvah services at other synagogues in Connecticut. Nancy has participated in a number of community ecumenical services as well as memorial services at Connecticut Hospice.

Nancy has 4 grown children (Sarah, Seth, Evan and Jennifer) and are new in-laws to Sarah's husband, Jeff. The Hubers also have a beautiful black lab named Maddy. Nancy is a registered nurse and works full time for a large health care management company.
Message from President Dick Caplan
Thank you for visiting our website. I hope you will gain a perspective of our wonderful synagogue, and how you would be blessed here. We are neatly tucked away in a residential neighborhood close to the center of town. I am proud to be the leader of a synagogue whose rich history here in Wallingford dates back to more than one-hundred years. We are often known as the little Shul with the big heart.

Here at Beth Israel Synagogue it is our desire to provide services that will meet your spiritual needs and the needs of the community at-large. We are involved with the community shelter and help promote other community projects.

Our childhood Hebrew education is staffed by excellent teachers that are well respected in the greater New Haven community. Classes are open to all whether affiliated here or elsewhere.

I am extremely proud of our Saturday morning adult torah study with breakfast provided. Our spiritual leader, Rabbi Alpert, opens up a diverse discussion and makes relevant to us meaningful applications to our lives.

The hallmark of what makes us unique as as a synagogue is how we welcome interfaith families.

Thank you for taking the time to become acquainted with us. Please feel free to visit us as often as you like. We look forward to meeting you.
Looking Forward to Meeting You...
Congregation Beth Israel warmly welcomes all Jewish individuals and families, interfaith and non-traditional.